Will writing

Will writing is one of the most important things you will probably have to do in life. It is something that should be taken care of while you are alive, if not in an already upsetting time your family and friends could have to deal with having to sort your affairs out and knowing who should get what will simply add to the stress.

Can you write your own will?

You can write your own will it is legal to do so, we would suggest when will writing you decide how you are going to make your will, if you have children put in there who you would like to be the guardian, list all your assets, and who will get those assets, also if you have pets include what should happen to them.

Will writing solicitor charges 

A solicitor may charge about £200 to do the will writing for you. However, if the will is a more complex one it could cost more. If children are involved, it could add to the cost if you need tax advice or have trusts or overseas property again that could be more complicated and bump up the price and hours involved.

Will writing can be confusing for some, so ask friends and family for help and advice it may be that they have already written one so can help guide you. You will also need two witnesses to sign the will in the testator’s presence after watching the testator sign their will.

Once the will writing is complete, you should ask a solicitor to store it, if the solicitor wrote the will this is normally included in the price, if you wrote the will yourself there will probably be a fee.

If you do not own anything or have no assets, then you may not need a will, but we would always recommend you seek professional advice to confirm this.